Young Owl and Acadian Flycatcher Nest

This morning I heard the begging call of a young Barred Owl and spied it perched on a horizontal limb beside one of its parents in the middle of the woods on the east side of the lake. Later this evening, I went back and relocated the owls. I could hear both mom and dad hooting in the distance, mom with her tremolo voice. Then I watched as one of the young owl’s parents landed on a nearby branch with a small snake dangling from its bill. A pair of waterthrushes (sounded like Louisiana Waterthrushes) got quite excited about the owl visit, calling wit-wit-wit all around. When the owls flew off through the woods, the waterthrushes flew after them and left me holding a bag of pure quiet. Then a Northern Waterthrush sang 3 or 4 times at the far end of the creek, and I smiled at the gift.

I found an Acadian Flycatcher’s nest yesterday with a bird on it. The bird was not on it today. I’ve read their nests are quite flimsy. The photo here certainly validates that.





About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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