Barred Owl Gazette

There is great news to report about the Barred Owls of Bond Park this week. The owls of the west side have hatched a pair of downy chicks. I saw both of them recently when I escorted a photographer to the location for a shoot. She flushed from the cavity then and we were able to see the tops of their fuzzy heads. With slits for eyes and a huge bill, the tiny fuzz balls invariably evoke an “oh, how cute,” from most observers.

And now for news of the owls on the east side of the lake. Their first nest attempt failed, if you recall, and I had wondered if they might give it another try. Today, I can report that indeed they have tried, and now she sits again on a new batch of eggs in a new location. At Exercise station #16 (on the paved, western leg of the Lake Trail), look in the direction of the sewer pipe access. You will notice a large hardwood tree from which the top half was broken off. At the top of the break is a cavity. She is in the cavity. At noon, only her tail feathers were sticking out.

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I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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