More Owl Pellets

The Barred Owls of Bond Park continue to spice up my weekly visits to find them. The East Side owls have been scarce of late, although I did see one of them last Wednesday. One of the homeowners along the south end of the lake said her daughter witnessed the East Side owls recently mating.

The pair on the west side of the lake are quite predictable. On almost any day, you can spy one or two of them in the tall pines around bridge #7, but you have to nearly break your neck to do it. They must be 100 feet above the ground. Here’s a poor photo from today’s visit:

East Side Barred Owl at bridge #7

As I watched this owl through my scope, a few passersby expressed curiosity in my activity, so I invited them to take a peek. One young lady asked me, “Are you a naturalist?” That one made me laugh, at least, on the inside. I explained that yes, I loved nature, and especially birds. Without nature, where would any of us be? It sustains us, all of us. And it inspires, at least, some of us, and with a little education, I hope, more of us will be inspired to explore the wild world that’s left in the parts we’ve tamed.

This owl called out to its mate as I stood there watching it. The enchanted response echoed back through the bottom lands along the creek. All of this transpired during a visit from one passerby, and it gave me pleasure to share the experience with her:


Here are more owl pellet contents, too, from both pairs of Bond Park owls:

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I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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