3rd-year bald eagle!

Birding only the southern portion of the Lake Trail, I tallied 38 species this morning in 1.5 hours. The most amazing spectacle was a bald eagle (3rd yr.). I got really good looks as the bird circled very low 3 times and flew right in front and over me while I tracked it with my binos. It flew over rafts of cormorants, mallards, ruddies, hoodies, and ring-billed gulls. I’ve seen eagles soaring high a few times over the park but never close enough to actually see the bird’s face, legs, and plumage as well as the views I got today. It was a quite a treat.
From Bridge #1 I saw a fox sparrow along with a couple of field, songs, and WT sparrows along the creek, looking toward the lake. A WT sparrow chased the fox away. In the same area, a beautiful female RW blackbird was foraging on the muddy creek banks. Its throat and eyebrow sported the most striking shade of orange-pink.
Location:    Bond Park
Observation date:    2/16/11
Notes:    Wake
Number of species:    38

Canada Goose    17
Mallard    24
Hooded Merganser    4
Ruddy Duck    10
Double-crested Cormorant    52
Great Blue Heron    1
Bald Eagle    1    3rd year
Ring-billed Gull    4
Mourning Dove    8
Belted Kingfisher    2
Red-bellied Woodpecker    1
Downy Woodpecker    1
Northern Flicker    2
Blue Jay    5
American Crow    3
Fish Crow    3
Carolina Chickadee    9
Tufted Titmouse    12
White-breasted Nuthatch    3
Brown-headed Nuthatch    2
Carolina Wren    9
Eastern Bluebird    2
American Robin    3
Brown Thrasher    1
European Starling    1
Yellow-rumped Warbler    2
Pine Warbler    3
Eastern Towhee    4
Field Sparrow    2
Fox Sparrow    1
Song Sparrow    5
White-throated Sparrow    11
Northern Cardinal    14
Red-winged Blackbird    1    Female
Common Grackle    10
House Finch    4
Pine Siskin    1
American Goldfinch    9

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About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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