Yates Mill Pond

Some would say it was too cold to bird this morning. I would almost agree.
Highlights for me were 1) the park itself being my first visit there, 2) sharp-shinned hawk on a perch, 3) E. winter wren among the old fallen trees on the high trail, and 4) a couple of fox sparrows along the forest edging the fields.
Yates Mill Pond is a great place to visit.
Location:    Yates Mill County Park
Observation date:    1/22/11
Notes:    Bitter cold with a breeze!
Number of species:    38

Canada Goose    106
Mallard    12
Ring-necked Duck    5
Bufflehead    4
Hooded Merganser    13
Ruddy Duck    13
Turkey Vulture    12
Sharp-shinned Hawk    1
Red-shouldered Hawk    1
Mourning Dove    1
Belted Kingfisher    1
Red-bellied Woodpecker    7
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker    2
Northern Flicker    6
Eastern Phoebe    1
Blue Jay    4
American Crow    13
Carolina Chickadee    7
Tufted Titmouse    7
White-breasted Nuthatch    1
Brown-headed Nuthatch    3
Carolina Wren    8
Winter Wren (Eastern)    1
Golden-crowned Kinglet    1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    3
Eastern Bluebird    4
Hermit Thrush    1
Northern Mockingbird    4
Brown Thrasher    1
Yellow-rumped Warbler    12
Pine Warbler    1
Eastern Towhee    14
Fox Sparrow    2
Song Sparrow    8
White-throated Sparrow    13
Dark-eyed Junco    7
Northern Cardinal    7
American Goldfinch    1


About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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