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A pair of rusties and half a dozen fox sparrows

I birded a couple of hours before church this morning at the Northeast Creek Waterfowl Impoundment. Lots of birds by ear but I did see the magnificent pileateds, a pair of rusties, and easily half a dozen fox sparrows as … Continue reading

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Pine Siskins (finally)

I’ve heard them but not seen them until today. Keith and I saw several Pine Siskins at a feeder along the western leg of the Lake Trail. Mergansers were numerous on the lake with a few ruddies thrown in. We … Continue reading

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Red-breasted nuthatch at Schenck Forest

Great time birding at Schenck Forest this cold morning. I enjoyed finding and hearing a couple of meadowlarks. The winter wrens were particularly elusive but I spied two. The American Kestrel perched on a wire, preening. I watched a white-breasted … Continue reading

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Yates Mill Pond

Some would say it was too cold to bird this morning. I would almost agree. Highlights for me were 1) the park itself being my first visit there, 2) sharp-shinned hawk on a perch, 3) E. winter wren among the … Continue reading

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Brickhouse Road

Chip and I birded the beaverdam impoundment loop at Brickhouse Rdthis afternoon. Quite the birdy place! Sparrows everywhere, most of which we could not ID because they hide so well 🙂  But we did get a good view of a fox sparrow, which … Continue reading

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Sharp-shinned hawk

Michael and I walked around the lake and other parts today and found a fair number of birds. Highlights include a sharp-shinned hawk, a brown creeper, and a crow with white wing feathers. Four yellow-bellied sapsuckers was a record trip … Continue reading

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Kitt Creek–Birding where my ancestors once lived

It’s not a big patch, but I’m appreciative for the variety of birds I find here when I stop by on the way to work. Before they built the dam here, and long before there was a Research Triangle Park with buildings … Continue reading

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