Bald eagles and hooded mergansers

A cold, brisk day for birding around the lake, but I saw two adult bald eagles soaring over the park on three occasions during my excursion, their broad tails and bright heads a sight to enjoy. The hooded mergansers of yesterday were still there today with a few more added. Just a week ago ice covered 95% of the lake. Now, only 5% or less is covered.
It’s a great day for backyard birding (from inside!). Brrrrr!
Eddie Owens
Cary NC
Location:    Bond Park
Observation date:    12/23/10
Number of species:    34

Canada Goose    30
Mallard    23
Hooded Merganser    14
Great Blue Heron    4
Bald Eagle    2
Killdeer    6
Ring-billed Gull    6
Mourning Dove    7
Red-bellied Woodpecker    5
Downy Woodpecker    5
Hairy Woodpecker    1
Northern Flicker    4
Blue Jay    2
American Crow    6
Carolina Chickadee    12
Tufted Titmouse    3
White-breasted Nuthatch    7
Brown-headed Nuthatch    1
Carolina Wren    11
Golden-crowned Kinglet    2
Eastern Bluebird    8
American Robin    50
Northern Mockingbird    1
Brown Thrasher    1
European Starling    2
Yellow-rumped Warbler    15
Pine Warbler    2
Song Sparrow    4
White-throated Sparrow    6
Dark-eyed Junco    5
Northern Cardinal    10
Red-winged Blackbird    2
House Finch    37
American Goldfinch    12


About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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