Black-billed cuckoo and Cape May warbler

The heavy rains we’ve had this week have kept me indoors until this morning. I
birded Bond Park today and the creeks were swollen and flowing fast. The lake
water was up to the trail in places. We needed the rain–that’s for sure, and I
hope it helps mitigate the drought conditions.

I found 9 common yellowthroats in two different spots in the park. I also was
lucky enough to see a Cape May warbler, my first sighting of one here in the
park (and a life bird for me, too). But I found no other warblers.

I was most surprised to see a black-billed cuckoo in a willow by the bog. I
assumed it had perched there overnight. The bird was at an angle with its back
toward me. What a long tail and beautifully curved black bill it sported. This
is the first black-billed cuckoo I’ve seen in the park (and another life bird), although I came across another birder here last week who said he saw one that day. The bird allowed me to get good looks at it before it flew off low across the bog into the willows
on the other side. The Chapel Hill Bird Club Frequency Checklist lists this bird as a ‘rare’ sighting for the first week in October.


About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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