43 = Personal best one-trip total at Bond Park

The break in the hot weather this morning accompanied a lucky break in the
birding, too: a one-trip total species personal record for Bond Park at 43.
Highlights include:

-5 warbler species (B&W, redstart, CYT, N. parula, prairie)
-YB cuckoo (not a sighting, but clearly heard)
-Barred owl (Joe and Pat, whom I met while birding, saw two this morning)
-WE vireo
-H. wren

And when I got home at noon and was eating in the kitchen watching song sparrows
& H. finches at the feeder, a Cooper’s hawk flew into a neighbor’s tree and the
little birds cleared out.

Other wildlife: 2 does and a buck with a single antler, a copperhead that was
every bit of 30″ long (I carefully moved it off the trail to the many thanks of
some hikers who wouldn’t go near it and were considering turning around).

Saw Joe and Pat twice while birding, and it sounds like they saw some good
birds, too. In fact, a RS hawk appeared while we talked. Just after
they left, a male American redstart and a prairie warbler showed up in the creek
bed near the forest edge where we were standing.

The best thing was that I have discovered a new hot spot for birding within the park. In addition to the bog where I get lots of good birds, there is a spot under the power lines where the trail crosses and continues up to Trapper’s Run Drive. I found two CYTs there, and just inside the forest edge there, where the creek bed continues, I saw a female summer tanager, a beautifully-colored prairie warbler, a brightly-plumed male Am. redstart, the yellow-billed cuckoo, and several other species of bird.

All in all, a great day for birding in the park. Much needed rain is on its way!


About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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