Odd-looking blue jay

Nice weather this morning for birding, starting off at a cool 60 degrees, a welcome hint of the fall weather to come. Highlights for me include two common yellowthroats, two American redstarts (one male), a red-headed woodpecker flying overhead (my first sighting at Bond Park), and a female summer tanager in the branches of a persimmon tree.

An odd-looking blue jay with no head feathers and what appeared to be a very long tail landed in a high perch. At first, I couldn’t identify it. Then another blue jay, a very normal-looking fellow, appeared right beside the odd fellow. So I knew it must be a blue jay. Yet the tail was exceedingly long with a clean-white appearance underneath, and barred black (again, underneath) in three places along the tail’s length. The thick black bars were not evenly spaced. As the bird moved to another perch, I could just glimpse part of its back and this confirmed a blue jay for me, but what an odd one. Perhaps its small, bald head created the illusion of a very, long tail. Or maybe it was the angle of view. I watched a third jay working the branches of a nearby oak. I had forgotten how beautiful jays really are.

I met a nice fellow I’d seen many times before on the trails of Bond Park, a photographer who knows Teresa Pigeon. Teresa sells nature photos of subjects she has taken around the lake. Take a look at her art here:




About birdingatbond

I love birding! And I live near Fred G. Bond Metro Park in Cary, NC.
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